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We love to use the versatile Manzanita branch to add a sense of drama to any arrangement or centerpiece. Their unique shape, smooth finish, and surprising strength allow us to easily drape flowers or hang ornaments for a beautiful and different effect. Indigenous to the western part of North America and Mexico, these unusual branches can be found at many flower markets and from a number of sources online.

Here they were spray painted black and were draped with  pink hyacinth blooms from the branches that grow out of an arrangement of pink peonies and pink hyacinth flowers. It’s pretty hard to compete with the view-but this branch holds its own!

And when the sun goes down, they become even more dramatic.

For an after party, the smooth finish of the branch allowed to use blue paint for added contrast and a bit of fun.

Flowers and candlelight completely change the tone of Manzanita for a more sophisticated setting.

And sand dollars are the perfect ornament for a more nautical theme.