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Games, balloons, and bright colors -- a carnival is just like a birthday party, but better! So with that in mind, the planning phase began...  We had 2 birthdays to celebrate, the beautiful princess Ella and her little brother "hulk smash" Liam so it needed it to be gender neutral and still be equally a whole lot of fun!!  Here are some highlights : )

The pastry chefs were such super stars - Thank you to Wild Child Cupcakes and Three Men and a Little Lady Sweets! x o x o

Cotton Candy Bites and Apple Pie Pops

Caramel Apples and Funnel Cake Cupcakes

Miami Party Decorations did an amazing job with the decor and balloon set up!

Birthday Boy

No Carnival is complete with out Pony Rides and an Amazing Petting Zoo!


The Rolling Stove food truck served AMAZING food!

No Carnival is complete without rides!  All Star Events provided all the attractions, Face Painter, Balloon Artist and the Photo Booth!


Happy Birthday Ella & Liam! Mommy and Daddy LOVE you!!

Wild Floral Designs, Flowers for Special Occasions, Interior Floral Designs
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Wild Floral Designs, Flowers for Special Occasions, Interior Floral Designs
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                 It was my daughter's 3rd Birthday in June - I was 37 weeks pregnant (which made everything a little harder) but none-the-less it was so much fun to plan and I was very happy with the turn out! <3               Way in advance I had the outfit custom made to match her ranch themed party.

    All pictures were taken by DameDap Photography - the candy was by far the hardest thing to put together- I shopped and researched online and found some amazing sites for candy and other vintage items. and       All the straw buckets and bandanas were ordered from Oriental Trading Company and Micheal's had amazing farm buckets to place the candy and fruit in. 


     All personalized tags and stickers were ordered from Etsy.  (prepare for a LOT of DIY items)


                The Davie Ranch provided the face painter and the jump house and pony rides.  Though it was extremely hot (being that we were right smack in the middle of Summer - it was pretty breezy in the ranch)

     All cowboys hats and sheriff goodies were from Oriental Trading Company.

    Signs were made from boards and paint picks purchased at Home Depot.


   Lemonade Stand Items were purchased from wholesale restaurant companies - where I was able to buy mason jars, vintage caps, swirly straws, and lemonade jugs in Bulk.  Email me if you are interested as there are too many to name in this blog.

   Balloon Arch, High-Boy Table Tops and Pic-Nic Tables were all rented - Linens were rented from


        As a creative keep sake - I had told Damian our photographer to photograph all our guests so that we could send them along with the Thank You notes a picture from Ella's Birthday.  We used mobil frames (purchased at Micheal's and were painted at my shop) - of course all the flower decoration were designed at our studio and made by Blooming Flowers staff!  Balloons were purchased on different Farm Themed websites - again email me if you are interested.

                We also told everyone to bring their "Barn Yard Gear"  to make the party that much more festive!

   They led the birthday girl in a mini parade around the ranch before we sang Happy Birthday to her - needless to say she threw a fit when we tried to remove her from "her" pony.

                The hardest part of Ella's outfit was finding her real cowboy boots - they were special ordered and were quite pricey considering she has never worn them again.

       This Ah-MAZING cake was made by very dear friends of mine who own a company called SUGAR BASH - he is by far the BEST cake designer I have come across and in my industry I have met many.  They made all the dessert items for our dessert station and the cake which was breathtaking!