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Posted By: BcVogue Support - Posted On: Friday, April 11, 2014  Comments: (0)

If you’ve read any of our interviews or seen some of our favorite arrangements you already know that one of the things that we love best is working with original, exotic and unusual materials, things that you don’t necessarily see in floral designs every day. We love incorporating elements that transcend arrangement and truly become art – particularly flowers, fruits and vegetables of unusual shapes, colors and textures. Truly original and creative work is an essential piece of what Blooming Flowers is loved for. When designing an arrangement whether it is for a social event or your living room, color and texture are key elements.

They should complement one another and work in unison to create overall harmony in the design. Rambutan, Romanescu, Dragon-Fruit and Buddha’s Hand are all great examples of elements that are colorful, interesting in shape and texture and provide an overall point of intrigue. What would you like to see Blooming Flowers work with?