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Prepare yourselves, lovelies. Today is one very special day here on SMP Florida. I’m talking miles upon miles of Sunshine State lovely and a fab Q & A with one of our fave photogs, Jenny, of Captured Photography by Jenny. Yep… that special. And when I tell you that Jenny is downright awesome and an all-around amazing lady, that’s a serious understatement. Her glorious images always (ALWAYS) leave us speechless – and she also happens to be one of the sweetest people you will ever virtually meet. So, find yourselves a cozy place, put those phones on silent and wipe those calendars clean – you’ll most definitely want to dedicate your Thursday to all things Jenny, because, well… she’s amazing.



What do you do, how long have you been doing it and what makes you awesome?

I get to preserve memories through photography. It’s a pretty sweet gig. I started Captured Photography by Jenny back in 2007. And jumped in to it full time once my oldest daughter, Ellie, was born in 2008. Honestly, it was super scary and intimidating to be a business owner at first. One thing led to another and after 5 years, I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am to do this.

As far as being awesome? I feel more blessed than anything. We love our clients. And probably our biggest compliment is that our clients love us back. They are constantly telling their friends about us and are still asking us to be there to capture their precious life moments, long after the wedding day. That is huge and why we love to do what we do. We get to build relationships with awesome people. We have also been blessed to be published and featured in some of the leading wedding magazines and blogs.



What sets Florida weddings apart from weddings anywhere else?

We get to travel a lot, which we love. But, I will be honest, I love my home state of Florida. I love to live here and I love to work here. Why? There is just so much diversity. Weddings can range in style to fit any couple (island vibe, old historic Florida feel, modern, chic, the list could go on). That’s really what makes Florida unique in my opinion. Not to mention, what a great destination for your guests who travel from out of town. Most people stay and make a vacation out of it!



What kind of weddings do you love most and what is your favorite trend right now?

We get to tell the story of the wedding day. It may be my journalism background, but we are always looking for what’s unique about each wedding. I always seem to fall in love with weddings that “fit” the couple. I love it when the bride and groom bring their own personality, history, and interests into the mix. Ultimately that’s what every wedding should be…

As far as recent trends, (I hope it becomes a permanent trend) I am a big fan of First Looks. I have a ton of reasons why I think these work practically speaking, but also for selfish reasons (it’s so fun to watch the bride and groom see each other in that intimate moment. Ah. Makes my heart melt. I love it).



What is your biggest piece of advice for people planning a wedding?

When it comes to where and the details, make your wedding about you. It really should be as unique as you are. Other advice, be organized and over communicate (with vendors, wedding party, etc)! It will make it less stressful the day of.



Who are your favorite vendor friends in Florida that keep the inspiration flowing?

We have a lot of great vendors in South Florida… so really my list could be way longer than this.

I adore Helen at Modern Events. Whether she is doing the event design or day of coordination… she rocks. We have some favorite venues too off the top of my head. I love The Bath Club in Miami, Sundy House in Delray Beach, The W on South Beach, The Four Seasons on Palm Beach, and more. Not just because they are pretty, but their staff is amazing. DJ David Bitton always keeps the party moving. Also, Liquid DJ’s are great too. These guys always deliver gorgeous florals… Kitanim Florals, Blooming Flowers, Parrish Designs, and Boca By Design.



Seriously. Breathtaking. Is she fabulous or what?!? And because we know you have TONS of questions for Jenny, she graciously put together a list of photography tips that are sure to help you prepare for your big day. Enjoy!

Top 5 Photography Tips From Captured Photography by Jenny

Photography is one of THE most important things for your wedding. Here are some tips to help you get the best photos on your day.

Tip 1: Pick the Right Photographer

There are so many great photographers in Florida. So, how do you choose?

Understand what your budget is for your wedding and then decide how much of it you feel should be put towards photography. But don’t just stop there. Understand what style of photography you like. Check out the photographer’s portfolio and recent weddings. And be sure the photographer you are interested in does quality work every time. Then, meet with them. Get to know each other. After all, they will be with you the entire wedding day. You want to be sure they are easy to work with and helpful.



Tip 2: Do a First Look

This will be a time earlier in the day where you and your fiancé can see each other for the first time, soak it up, and enjoy some quiet moments alone. Cry, laugh, do a little dance- whatever you want to do! It also gives your photographer a chance to do all of the photos before hand (which usually allows us more time to be creative and get the best shots). And once your wedding ceremony starts, you can just sit back and enjoy the rest of the day.

If you decide to go the traditional route and wait until the ceremony to see each other, be sure to plan enough time between your ceremony and reception for photos. Ask your photographer how much time they would need.



Tip 3: All About the Details

Be sure you get each special detail captured.

Talk with your photographers. Let them know about all of the personal touches you have added to your day. Anything from the handmade centerpieces at your reception to the fact you are wearing your grandmother’s ring, they need to know so they can capture that memory for you. Also, be sure to mention anything out of the ordinary going on at your wedding. For example, your cousin is singing a song at the ceremony or you have a choreographed first dance.



Tip 4: Location, Location

The right backdrop for your photos.

Think about where you want to have your formal shots taken during the wedding day. Does the venue you are using have a good spot for taking photos? If not, plan on finding a park or a location on the way you do enjoy for pictures. Also, consider timing at that location. Will it be dark outside? Will it be crowded? The more you and your photographers have planned, the better! This will help you get the beautiful photos you want.



Tip 5: Take Engagement Photos

Last words of advice, take engagement photos.

Being in front of the camera can be pretty intimidating. An engagement session can ease you into the picture-taking process. It also gives you a chance to get to know your photographer, and for them to learn about you too! Not to mention, how awesome is it for you to have some casual, personal photos to remember this stage in your life together? Make sure the session is true to YOU and who you are as a couple. Have a blast too!



Soooo much lovely. A million thanks to Captured Photography by Jenny for brightening our Thursday! It’s been fabulous. Thank you, Jenny! xoxo