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Posted By: BcVogue Support - Posted On: Friday, April 11, 2014  Comments: (0)

We love modern designs and clean lines. The fun part about expressing this style with flowers, is that it comes with an added bonus: a beautiful fragrance!

For our Fourth Installation of "Personalize your Sanctuary with Scents" we feature one of our most delicate aromas we offer for Home Decor. The Infusion Organique Buddha's Fig Candle.

Infused with certified organic fig extract, rose-geranium essence, organic lemongrass oil and blended with essences of wood and amber, Buddha’s Fig candle creates a heavenly scent that enlightens any home environment. 
Infusion Organique captures the timeless quality of candles, infused with modern scent science for the contemporary home.

Paired with any of the beautiful arrangements above, your area will be wrapped with warmth and deliciousness, creating tranquility and relaxation.

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