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Can you appreciate a delicious fruity aroma? If so, this is the scent for you!

The Burn Cassis Nectar Candle, is an extremely fruity cocktail infused with cassis and layers of other berries like black cherry and red currant. This tantalizing scent is grounded in a base of tonka and musk with a splash of nectarine to bring back the sweetness.

The Burn candle collection we carry is one of our favorites, as they are designed with functionality, class and a delectable fragrance that carries you into relaxation 

As we've explained before, scent is the the sense most strongly tied to memory, and the Burn Cassis Nectar line will help you create sweet new memories! Another thing we like about the Burn Candle line, each candle is designed to throw a delicious aroma into your atmosphere for at least 100 hours!

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