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Games, balloons, and bright colors -- a carnival is just like a birthday party, but better! So with that in mind, the planning phase began...  We had 2 birthdays to celebrate, the beautiful princess Ella and her little brother "hulk smash" Liam so it needed it to be gender neutral and still be equally a whole lot of fun!!  Here are some highlights : )

The pastry chefs were such super stars - Thank you to Wild Child Cupcakes and Three Men and a Little Lady Sweets! x o x o

Cotton Candy Bites and Apple Pie Pops

Caramel Apples and Funnel Cake Cupcakes

Miami Party Decorations did an amazing job with the decor and balloon set up!

Birthday Boy

No Carnival is complete with out Pony Rides and an Amazing Petting Zoo!


The Rolling Stove food truck served AMAZING food!

No Carnival is complete without rides!  All Star Events provided all the attractions, Face Painter, Balloon Artist and the Photo Booth!


Happy Birthday Ella & Liam! Mommy and Daddy LOVE you!!

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I get a lot of emails from readers with questions about how to create specific elements of a party like table settings, dessert tables, backdrops, etc. I’ve decided this year I will try and tackle as many of the basic “how to’s” as I can. I tend to forget that even though I can look at a photo’s contents piece by piece to analyze “what works” and why it works, many home entertainers don’t see things in that way. I’m going to try to break it down for you as best I can to help you design prettier parties for you and your guests.

I’ll start with my favorite point of display – the seated table. Specifically I want to talk about the importance of centerpieces and how to arrange them for the most visually pleasing effect.  Using some of my own favorite table designs as examples, here are my secrets to a fabulous centerpiece arrangement.

Sometimes small organic items can go a long way (and without incurring too much cost)

Tile can also serve as a creative runner and can be mixed and matched and used in many different ways.

Final Tips to Remember:

  • Table Runners – Don’t forget about adding table runners. These can add visual interest without taking up table space. Use fabric off the bolt, rolls of craft paper or wrapping paper, ribbon, or other items to create a runner effect.
  • Long Narrow banquet tables – Create mini vignettes down the middle; Create symmetry with simple items that look equally pretty from all sides.
  • Dining Room tables – These are usually much wider and provide more space to create large focal points such as a great flower arrangement or large vases.
  • Round tables – Fill the center of the table with a single vignette that showcases something unique at each direction; Using one large flower arrangement is a classic choice here.

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Welcome to the world little princess!