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Fun Featured Flower - Fresh Freesia!

Want a fun, fancy flower that smells as great as it looks? 

Freesia is the way to go!

Used for a variety of occasions, these elegant, sweet scented flowers add a garden-ish ambiance to any decor!

Freesia inflorescences comprise five to 10 trumpet-shaped florets and buds along the topside of a curved stem, sometimes referred to as a "comb." Freesias  are available in a wide range of "reds," 
pinks, oranges, rust/bronze, yellows, lavender, violet (purple), blue-violet, red-violet, white and cream—virtually every color except green and true blue.

If you're looking for that wonderful scent, stick with the yellow, white & cream colored flowers as they are normally the most aromatic.
Best part of Freesias? Fresh cut flowers are available year round! But they are an especially fun feature for Spring.

What do you like about Freesia?